Raising Food For the Hungry & Building Grass Roots Tennis

10,176 lbs
Total Food Raised
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1.5lbs of food equals one meal.

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Our Mission

Networking with the tennis community to help alleviate hunger in underserved communities through strategic partnerships with regional food banks.

“We’ve provided over 6,500 meals to individuals and families in need. With your help, we’ll provide many more who face food insecurity!”
Josh Basha, Ace Out Hunger Board Member

Ace Out Hunger was informally created in September 2013 with our first event in Chandler, AZ. Jeffrey Kirkman, Jay Kawarswamy, and Josh Basha created Ace Out Hunger as a way to give back to the community through tennis to help feed the hungry. Our mission was to create tennis events in exchange for non perishable foods to donate to local food banks. At this point we wanted to be an informal non profit, purely taking in food and donating to the local food banks. 2013 – pre-covid we hosted events in Tempe & Chandler Arizona as well as Shoreline & Mountlake Terrace Washington.

During covid the need for food aid was so strong we decided to become a formal 501 c3 non profit to help raise food at the national level. While our events are held across the country all food raised is donated to the food bank closest to the location of the event so all food stays local.

Our second focus is to create tennis event opportunities for children of all income levels. We volunteer to teach tennis in PE classes to help promote grass roots tennis. Our school volunteering is paired with a school wide food drive and all food is donated to the food bank closest to the school.

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Your donation makes a difference! Every $10 we receive equates to between 75 and 100 pounds of food.

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Your donation makes a difference! Every $25 we receive equates to 180 and 250 pounds of food.

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Calendar of Events

Past Events

Past Events

Check out some of our recent food raising fundraiser events and the donations we received.

Forest Crest Athletic Club Tournament

Forest Crest Athletic Club Tournament

On November 18, 2023, tennis aficionados are set to gather at the renowned Forest Crest Athletic Club in Mountlake Terrace, Washington for a captivating tennis tournament.

Hallbrook Country Club Tournament

Hallbrook Country Club Tournament

On August 9, 2023, Hallbrook Country Club in Overland Park, Kansas, will serve as the backdrop to what promises to be a thrilling tennis showdown.

Board Members

Meet Our Team

Josh Basha

Josh Basha

Board Member

Coach Basha is the founder and current board member of Ace Out Hunger, a nonprofit organization formed to aid communities in hunger alleviation. We’re very fortunate to have a local charity, Concern For Neighbors, to partner with.

Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman

Board Member

Jim Freeman currently serves as Vice President for Ace Out Hunger bringing both grant writing and fundraising experience to the organization. Before recently retiring, Jim held careers in both environmental watershed protection and music. In addition to his professional background, Jim has volunteered over the years with a variety of nonprofit groups addressing issues ranging from domestic violence, children services, animal rescue and personal fitness.


What People Are Saying

“I love when my kids get involved in doing something that gives back. For the past several years, they’ve collected donations for Ace Out Hunger food drives and I couldn’t be more proud of them!”
Sarah M.

Tennis Mom

“It’s so great to see all the food our tennis community is able to donate during our annual food drives. It truly warms my heart!”

Basha Tennis Student

“It’s awesome to know that we’re able to donate as much food as we do to local organizations fighting hunger in our community!”


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